Back on our second day at Sundog, Emily and I went to Sundog’s Be + present morning session, where we learned about mindful meditation. Being completely new to meditation, I was unsure of what to expect.

It was interesting in the most non-Minnesotan way possible. The session was relaxing and refreshing, and I came away feeling calm and recharged for the rest of my day. It was a great interruption to a hectic morning, and it gave me a chance to stop and reflect in quietness.

One exercise we practiced to keep our mind clear was to capture stray thoughts and turn them into balloons. This lets your mind focus and lets the distracting thoughts float away. I decided to start applying this principle to other areas of my life, especially when I get stressed or things spin out of control. So I started to let distractions float away.

As an extremely determined and focused individual, I easily develop tunnel vision on everything–from projects to events. I fixate on getting to the finish line without taking time to enjoy the journey. I have come to realize that I need to slow down and enjoy the journey and the process. I should take the time to process the steps and events in my life, rather than jumping to the next part. I need to focus on what needs doing now, rather than that elusive goal that I should “baloon” for the time being.

I recommend that you you take a little time to sit and process your day. Examine what was good and bad. Process the lessons you learned, then let them “balloon” away. You can always learn from your success and failure, but you can’t always change them. So examine then move on!

Stay splendid,