Business Agility Report

Business Agility Report

Our first major project as the Agile Transformation Marketing team was to get our AgilityHealth┬« (AH) product line trade show ready. Part of our trade show strategy was working with Evan Layborn, the CEO of Business Agility Institute (BAI), to create the first annual Business Agility Report. Using the assessments that AH specialized in, we gathered the data for Evan and our CEO (Sally Ellata) to analyze and write a report. While our writer worked with Evan on verbiage, I worked with him to build out InDesign templates and visuals that extended the BAI brand while tying in the some of the colorful personality of AH’s brand.I was also tasked to prep the report graphics for easy distribution and work with vendors local to the venues to get it printed. It was a great success, and we continued to received requests for more copies even after the end of our trade show season.

You can view the 2018 report here: Business Agility Report

Project Scope:

Layout Design, Infographics, & Branding


Business Agility Institute & AgilityHealth®

Delivery Date:

August 2018